Doug Talley QuartetThursday, April 18, 7:00 PM

Melba Theater

$7 Regular Admission

$6 Students & Age 55 and Over

$5 Foothills Film Society Members

During the Gold Rush, prospectors brave Alaska's dangerous Chilkoot Pass, hoping to strike it rich in the snowy mountains. Just as Big Jim McKay discovers gold on his claim, a storm arises, prompting a Lone Prospector to take refuge in a cabin. Unknown to him, the cabin's occupant is desperado Black Larsen, who attempts to throw the vagabond Prospector out. Strong winds, however, repeatedly blow the little man back inside, and soon after, Jim is also swept into the cabin. Jim fights with Larsen over his shotgun, and after Jim prevails, the Prospector claims him as a close friend in order to remain safe. Over the next few days, the three men live together uneasily, their hunger growing as the storm rages on.

"Billed as a dramatic comedy, the story carries more of a plot than has been the rule with the star’s former offerings. There are spots where Charlie has developed dramatic situations bordering on tragedy, and these show the master hand and finesse of Chaplin’s artistry. But taken on the whole, the public will accept THE GOLD RUSH as an out and out comedy, and the greatest of all time. Innumerable gags and situations that score round after round of laughter are logically woven into the theme of the story. At no time is the plot lost to gain extra laughs that do not belong."

The film will be presented with a live music score composed and performed by Danny Dozier.


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