Doug Talley QuartetThursday, April 19, 7:00 PM

Melba Theater

$7 / $6 Students & Over Age 54

$5 Foothills Film Society Members

The 1925 silent film THE LOST WORLD is believed to be the first feature length film to combine stop motion animation and live actors to tell a story. It was also the first dinosaur-oriented film sensation, setting the stage for all the dinosaur movies to follow, from King Kong to the Jurassic Park trilogy.

Based on a novella by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes), the film follows Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) who believes that prehistoric creatures are alive and flourishing in the Amazon jungle. He declares his intention to mount an expedition to prove his point. Journalist Edward Malone (Lloyd Hughes) volunteers to go and convinces his newspaper to fund the journey. Paula White (Bessie Love) hopes to find her father, a missing explorer. They and others undertake the voyage and witness dinosaurs and humanoids doing battle in a magnificent landscape.

THE LOST WORLD was a worldwide sensation when it opened early in 1925. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle incorporated the best paleontological information of his time in the story and special effects wizard Willis O'Brien and his colleagues brought the prehistoric creatures to life with stunning realism for the period. The film remained one of the most admired and best remembered films of the 1920s. After the arrival of sound films made silent movies obsolete, the original version of the film was withdrawn and eventually lost. Fortunately, two different abridgments and other portions of THE LOST WORLD did remain, and with the cooperation of the Czech Republic and private collectors in Europe and America, eight original source prints were digitally mastered to video using the most sophisticated current techniques to clean the images and minimize scratches and other abrasions. The available versions of each shot were compared, and the film was rebuilt with the surviving footage, Doyle's novella, the original shooting script, and the printed music of 1925 as guides.

The film will be presented with live music accompaniment by the Lyon College Jazz Band from an original score composed for this screening. Performers: Montgomery Hill, Taylor Hartwig, Charlie Fancyboy, Emily Oldman, Briana Sanchez, Rebecca Farhat.


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